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Todayís Closeout offers some of the lowest prices for wholesale A-stock smartphones in the industry. A-stock phones are lightly used, with minimal wear. At most, you may find small nicks or scratches. Our used smartphones are manufactured by the top brands in the industry, including Samsung and Apple, and have passed our extensive carrier-level testing. Before they reach the sales floor, we data wipe and restore our phones to factory settings. All unlocked smartphones are gently and thoroughly tested before they are sanitized and repackaged. All phones arrive in like-new condition.

A-stock smartphones are known for their simplicity. They arenít preloaded with bloatware or additional codes that could slow down the OS. They are functional devices that your wholesale clients have come to expect. Our stock of used smartphones has barely seen any action. Your clients will hardly be able to distinguish our cleaned phones from brand-new phones. In fact, one benefit of our used phones is that they may have software upgrades that other phones donít have yet.

Shopping for lightly used smartphones from industry leaders is an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing bulk devices brand new. They lack the expensive price tag but provide all the benefits of a new phone. Join the thousands of wireless dealers that choose Todayís Closeout and browse our selection of competitively priced wholesale phones. Contact our office and our dedicated specialists will assist you in finding the inventory you need. Our inventory includes clear descriptions and images so you know what to expect.

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Buy Used iPhones & Smartphones Wholesale

Today's Wholesale Closeout is the only wholesale used iPhones & used Samsung Galaxy smartphones distributor you need to supply your whole business with Used A-Stock Phones! We have the ultimate selection of bulk used phones with the latest 5G & 6G leading edge technology, including used Apple iPhones with Super Retina Displays and Face ID and Quad cameras. Our used iPhones & all phones for sale come with all excellent warranties and are unlocked for your convenience. We have multiple used iPhone & Samsung Galaxy models in-stock, with plenty of colors & sizes. We only offer the highest-quality used A-Stock phones & iPhones for sale to ensure our products are hassle-free and work exactly as they are intended..

For the best prices, buy used phones in bulk. Stock your store with the latest 5G / 6G cellphones that will be sure to suit your needs & fly off the shelves. All our wholesale used phones come fully tested with the bulletproof quality you expect from an Apple or Samsung product, but with an affordable below wholesale price tag. We make stocking bulk Apple iPhones quick, easy and affordable. Shop our selection now to find the iPhones you need for your store, or give us a call at 1-347-353-1334 to have our experts help you find exactly what you need before you buy.