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Wholesale Verizon Phones and Tablets

Verizon is one of the largest cell service providers in the U.S., and its customers deserve reasonably priced phones. Today’s Closeout has an extensive inventory of refurbished and used Verizon unlocked phones and tablets from top brands.

Our Verizon used phones are graded accurately so you can make your selections confidently. Our sales team is ready to answer any questions about particular models or our policies.

Today’s Closeout Grading System
In addition to new devices, Today’s Closeout carries Verizon refurbished phones and used phones. Each item’s description clearly states its grade:
  • New: New phone with original accessories in its original box
  • New – Kitted: Brand new phone with new or like-new accessories in a generic box
  • Factory refurbished: Re-conditioned phone in a generic box with accessories
  • A-Stock: Lightly used with only minor scratches or nicks, in a generic box with accessories
  • B-Stock: Mildly used with medium scratches or nicks, in a generic box with accessories
  • C-Stock: Heavily used with significant scratches or nicks, in a generic box with accessories

We also offer some used phones as handsets only. These items don’t come with accessories or a charger.
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Buy Your Wholesale Verizon Unlocked Phones from Today’s Closeout

Whether you’re looking for new, used, or refurbished Verizon phones, you can’t beat the quality, selection, and prices at Today’s Closeout. We offer multiple payment options and ship to the U.S. and some international destinations.

Verizon Phone Brands
Today’s Closeout carries the latest models of phones and tablets from many brands, including:
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • Motorola
  • Blu
  • LG
We update our inventory daily, so check back often.