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Wholesale Unlocked Blu Phones and Tablets

Budget-conscious consumers are looking for quality mobile devices without hefty price tags. Today’s Closeout offers a variety of unlocked Blu phones to meet your customers’ needs.

Blu (Bold Like Us) is a reputable American company that sells budget-friendly Android phones and tablets. These phones are packed with features and stylish designs yet typically cost less than similar phones from other brands.

Blu Features
Consumers typically use their phones daily for personal and business uses, and they expect a high level of functionality. Some features you can expect from wholesale Blu phones and tablets include:
  • Main and selfie cameras
  • High-definition displays
  • Curved glass
  • Fingerprint security
  • Fast operating system
Today’s Closeout can ship unlocked Blu phones in the U.S. and to some international areas.

Unlocked Blu Phones Network Options
Most cell phone carriers use Global System for Mobile (GSM) technology to facilitate calls made from smartphones. Others use Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Only some carriers in the U.S. use CDMA. Today’s Closeout carries a selection of Blu phones unlocked to be compatible with most networks. The description for each device clearly states its connectivity status.

Choose Today’s Closeout To Buy Wholesale Smartphones
When you buy wholesale smartphones for your company or store, you need high-quality devices, a wide selection, reliable service, accurate grading, and a dependable supplier. Today’s Closeout offers all of that and more. Our inventory changes often, so check back regularly to ensure that you don’t miss a great deal on Blu or other brands of wholesale cell phones.
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