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Buy Used Smartphones in Bulk

We offer the best deals on barely used a-stock smartphones and b-stock phones from the top brands in the industry. These are carrier return smartphones the OEM has passed their extensive testing and completely restored to its new factory settings. Wholesale unlocked smartphones that have been returned and then repackaged provide a fantastic way for you to offer excellent savings on smartphones that have barely seen any action. In some cases, the smartphones may have software upgrades their unused counterparts may not yet have. Each a-stock and b-stock smartphone comes with its original accessories, brand new packaging, and all warranties intact.

Carrier return smartphones are an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to new and refurbished smartphones. They provide all the functionality your customers need without the expensive price tag and are virtually indistinguishable from new smartphones. Shop now to take advantage of our competitive prices with free shipping on select orders or give us a call at 347-464-0829 to speak with our team of experts who can help you put together the perfect package.

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