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Motorola is one of the most enduring brands in the mobile communications industry. Not only were they the first to develop a handheld cellular phone, their equipment was what carried the first spoken words from the moon. For 80 years, they have been changing communication history at rapid pace.

As a cell phone retailer, you may have some customers that will only buy a Motorola phone. It is true that they have quite a following, and new customers are becoming fans of their products every day. To best serve your clientele, it makes sense to purchase Motorola wholesale phones from TodaysCloseout.com. We not only have an incredible selection of phones and accessories to choose from, we offer them to you at the most competitive wholesale pricing.

Whether you are looking for Motorola texting phone like the Karma or Rival, a full-featured smart phone like the Clutch, or the touch-screen ease of the Evoke QA4, TodaysCloseout.com can meet all your Motorola wholesale buying needs. We offer the most competitive pricing, a great selection, quick shipping and excellent customer service. We look forward to becoming your one-stop source for Motorola mobile phones and accessories.

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Motorola is known for being a high-powered global communications leader with a passion for invention. For the past 80 years, they have been reinventing themselves at lightning speed to keep up with customer demand for new technology in mobile phones.

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These high quality phones and accessories makes it easy for your customers to stay connected to friends and family, and placing an order for Motorola bulk phones with us will give you the competitive edge over your competitors on Motorola pricing.

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