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Alcatel OneTouch 2045X Black 611 Mhz
WholeSale Alcatel OneTouch 2045X Black CellPhone
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  • Comfortable Display
  • 3G Connectivity
  • 32GB Micro SD Slot
  • Great Value
  • Easy to Use

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The Alcatel 2045 has a 2.4-inch 240 x 320 display, which, if this was a smartphone, would be positively tiny, but itís not. You donít need to interact with it in the same ways as a smartphone and nor are you likely to be watching videos and the like on it, so the small size isnít much of a problem.

And in some ways itís an advantage, as the display is plenty big enough for showing off the core functions of the Alcatel 2045, like its FM radio, calendar and address book.

Itís also bright and colourful, making it pleasant to use, even in direct sunlight or at an angle. Itís not especially sharp, but it strikes a good balance, especially for a phone that can be picked up for under £30 on pay as you go, or around £7 on contract.


The first thing to note about the design of the Alcatel 2045 is that despite packing in both a screen and a number pad, itís compact. Itís not slim at 12.75mm thick, but at 124.4 x 51.9 it is quite small, and at 86g itís very light.

This makes it ideal to carry around anywhere and everywhere, and like many feature phones itís built to last too, with its plastic body easily surviving a fall. The screen is still somewhat vulnerable, but being so small itís less likely to take the brunt of an impact than a smartphone screen would be.

You can also add a little flair to the Alcatel 2045 if you choose to pick it up in red, rather than the more normal black and white options.

Whatever colour you choose itís still a fairly plain phone, and one that puts function over form, but by feature phone standards itís not ugly.


This isnít a phone you buy for performance, but given that about the most taxing thing it needs to do is play videos and browse the web, the 611MHz processor and 64MB of RAM are actually more than adequate.

The real win for the Alcatel 2045 though is that it supports 3G. Thereís no 4G here, but access to mobile data at all isnít a guarantee on feature and dumb phones.

That means you can browse the net and check Facebook wherever you are, and while itís a little sluggish itís far better than having no web access. However thereís no Wi-Fi access, so even when youíre at home you canít speed up the Alcatel 2045ís internet Ė not that youíre likely to want to use it to get online from home anyway.


Thereís no front-facing camera here, but you do get a very basic VGA quality one on the back. This really isnít something youíre going to want to use much, with the resulting pictures and videos even being a bit low quality for sticking on social media, but itís better than nothing and youíll be glad you have it if youíre ever out without a proper camera.


As a basic feature phone the Alcatel 2045 is distinctly light on extra features, other than an FM radio, but as covered above it handles the basics reasonably well in general, given its roughly £30 asking price. Itís worth noting that call quality is strong, and the keypad is comfortable to use.

Battery life, memory and connectivity

The Alcatel 2045 has an 850mAh battery, which would be tiny for a smartphone, but given that this is a feature phone, with a compact screen, itís not as demanding on its juice pack. The relative lack of features also means you probably wonít use it as heavily as you would a smartphone.

The upshot of that is you should be able to go at least a few days between charges in general. Alcatel quotes a standby time of 340 hours, but just 6 hours of talk time or 7 hours of music playback.

Thereís just 128MB of built in storage, which is plenty for storing contacts, but wonít go far if you want to add music or pictures to the phone. Fortunately, thereís also a microSD card slot, with support for cards of up to 32GB.

For connectivity, you get 3G and Bluetooth 3.0. Notably thereís no Wi-Fi support though.


The Alcatel 2045 is a fairly standard feature phone in a lot of ways, but it stands out by handling the basics well and sporting a bright and large screen for the money.

This wonít be replacing even an entry-level smartphone, but if all you want is something to call and text on, with the option to web browse in a pinch, then the Alcatel 2045 will suit you well.

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