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HTC wholesale phones are selling like hotcakes online. As one of the fastest-growing mobile technology companies, HTC has achieved stellar recognition recently and in 2007 was ranked as the second-best performing technology company in Asia.

While you may not have heard too much about HTC, you are probably familiar with their award-winning phones, like the Dash, Snap, Ozone, Fuze, my Touch and Tilt to name a few. Your customers have almost certainly heard of these brands, and you can be sure they will remain in demand for a long time to come.

HTC launched the first palm-sized PC in 1999, and has since created the first wireless Pocket PC, the first Microsoft powered Smartphone, the first Microsoft 3G phone and the first intuitive touch screen to allow fingertip navigation. This is just a small sampling of the innovations that have been the hallmark of HTC over the past decade. As they continue to reinvent mobile technology, more and more customers are taking notice.

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HTC wholesalers

As the HTC family of cell phones continues to grow, so does the number of fans who swear by them. One of the fastest growing mobile manufacturers, HTC has made its mark over the past 10 years by launching such popular phones as the Dash, the Snap, my Touch, Fuze, Tilt and Ozone. As a result, a number of online HTC wholesalers have aimed to fill retail demand for these phones.

As a retail cell phone business, offering a selection of the hottest phones and accessories will bring you loyal, repeat customers who will rely on you for the latest technology.

As the first mobile company to introduce a wireless Pocket PC, the first to use Microsoft technology to power their Smartphones, and the first to implement an intuitive touch screen with fingertip navigation. Innovation has been the hallmark of HTC as they continue to make phones that stretch the boundaries of mobile communications.

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